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Automatic Industries helps us transition the new students and their anxiety ridden parents. Automatic sends in a representative to freshman orientation to demonstrate the proper way to do laundry and how to use the card system.

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Laundry Room FAQ


How does the relationship between building and laundry company work, exactly?

It is in a buildings’ best interest to contract with a professional laundry company. When the right professional is in place, it is one less thing that the board and building manager have to concern themselves with. In addition to reducing the headaches associated with running their own laundry room, it is the most cost effective option. First and foremost, the building has no capital outlay for the cost of machinery. The laundry company is responsible for providing the machinery and the costs associated with repairs and maintenance. Inevitably there will be service. A laundry company will conduct all the repairs. Regardless of the amount of parts that are replaced, the building is not billed additional. In addition to footing the cost of the equipment, the laundry company leases the space and pays the building a rental fee. It’s an amenity that is producing income. To me, it’s a no brainer.


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What are the different formats laundry management/maintenance contracts can take – is it a lease arrangement, a management arrangement, a rental, or what?

The majority of the buildings that we service, we own the machinery and pay the building a rental fee for the use of the space. Included in the services that we provide, we decorate the space, including furnishings and paint. We provide equipment, conduct all repairs, carry insurance and pay the building a rental fee for the use of the facility.

We have a handful of rooms that have non-metered, commercial washers and dryers for their facilities. They pay us a flat-rate rental for the machinery and services that we provide. While this may seem like the idea solution, it has been proven that non-metered machinery is utilized more frequently for smaller loads, consequently creating more wear and tear on the machinery and wasting more water and increasing utility usage in the process.


How do buildings profit from laundry facilities – how is the money from them
delivered back to the building?

In addition to not having to lay out money for the cost of new washer and dryers, they receive rent from the laundry company leasing the central laundry space.


How long is the average laundry contract? How often should contracts be revisited and assessed?

On average, the typical contract term is 7 years. Some terms are longer depending upon the investment.


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How does a building/manager initiate discussion of contract re-negotiation?

Sometimes they put together a “wish list” so all the vendors are bidding on the same thing. Face-to-face meetings never hurt. It is a good idea for a representative of the property to be on site while the vendor is conducting their survey of the property. It is not uncommon, that the two final contestants in the bidding process attend a board meeting to finalize any details.


What are the most common reasons for re-negotiating a laundry contract?

Newer more energy efficient machinery, a redecorated room, more rent, dissatisfaction with the current laundry agreement.


How can you make your central laundry room the best amenity in the building?

  • • Always make sure your room is kept clean.
  • • The machines should be wiped down regularly
  • • For safety, as part of your daily cleaning ritual, always make sure the lint is cleaned from the dryers. It prevents fires, optimizes drying time and reduces lint on the clothing.
  • • For security and peace of mind, a room should be well lit.
  • • Have courtesy for your neighbor; remove your clothing in a timely manor
  • • For the health of your building, make sure your plumbing lines are being snaked periodically.
  • • Call the company if there is a service problem; it helps reduce the amount of time that a machine is out of order