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I can personally attest to the fact that Automatic Industries responds to the needs of my buildings. From transitioning to a new company, to servicing in a timely fashion, to cleaning up an accounting issue, they are very responsive to my calls.

- Property Manager
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How to Select Equipment

The manufacturer has guidelines and suggestions for the amount of machinery that a building may need. At Automatic Industries we make sure we know the demographics in a building before we make suggestions. A building with many children will require more equipment. Below are some suggestions:


Hi Rise – One/washer dryer for each 20-25 living units

Garden Apt- One washer/dryer for each 8-12 living units

Coops Condos – dependent upon the style of the structure

Senior Citizen centers – One commercial washer for every 50 residents

Military Housing – 20 Military personnel for each machine

College Resident Halls – One set for every 30-40 students

Guest Services – One set for every 50 rooms

We often say we will fill a room with machinery as long as we know there is volume to support the room.

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How can someone determine the type of machinery
that is best for their building?

As you can see from the chart above, different folks have different laundry habits.


Most properties are interested in energy savings for their sites. Installing a High efficiency, (HE) machines makes logical sense when redesigning a laundry room. High efficiency washers amazingly use less than 13 gallons of water per cycle. A commercial top loading washer can use in excess of 35 gallons and a commercial front-load washer can use in excess of 40 gallons of water per cycle. Speed Queen Quantum washers also give the residents the option to choose an extra rinse or long soak cycle. These costs can be offset by charging a little more for these extra features.


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